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Illustratie van 'het team'

What I can do for you

Comic-style illustration depicting someone whose explanation is understood differently by everyone. To describe the 'infographics' service.


present information in a clear and appealing manner. An infographic is used to make information accessible and insightful.
Find out which kind of infographic fits your need
+ Informative illustration

Communicates information through illustration and text. Useful when you, for instance, want to explain a particular technique or strategy.

+ Visual storytelling

Serves as an illustrative tool to map out or initiate conversation or discussion around a topic. It’s also a valuable aid in internal corporate communication. For instance, when defining vision, objectives, and business operations.

+ Process visualisation

Visualizes a company or production process, depicting the various steps, bottlenecks, and improvement points. Moreover, visualising a process enhances understanding and engagement among your employees and customers.

+ Datavisualisation

Lets quantitative data speak through graphs, diagrams, and maps.

Comic-style illustration depicting two colleagues struggling to follow a presentation by another colleague. Intended to illustrate the 'visual presentations' service.

Visual presentations

tell your story with images (and possibly text), so that your audience remembers the content better.

You can tell your story with illustrations, by using a suitable metaphor or even by using an interactive format to further engage the reader with the subject.

Comic-style illustration depicting two colleagues struggling to follow a presentation by another colleague. Intended to illustrate the 'visual presentations' service.
Comic-style illustration depicting a colleague asks someone to 'quickly' review a lengthy report over the weekend. Intended to depict the 'illustrations and animations' service.

Illustrations & animations

depict what you want to communicate. They enhance, clarify, and capture attention. Through still or moving imagery.

You can use them in/for reports, research presentations, websites, (educational) books, and magazines.

Do you have a large amount or complex information to communicate?

Why visual communication is important

Visualising information is an effective and efficient way to convey information. Images capture our attention, and we process them much faster than text. Furthermore, text and images can reinforce each other. For instance, we remember and comprehend a complex process better when this process is visualised.

In addition, visual communication compels you to formulate your message more precisely. Before information can be visualized, it must be articulated clearly. What do you actually want to convey? Why is this important? What do you want to achieve? You have to think about the essence of your message. 

The benefits of clear communication

+ it creates understanding and consensus;
+ making good decisions becomes easier when we are well informed;
+ it can enable change and progress.

How I strive for the best result

1. analyse

Analyse the information. 

Together, we delve deeper into the subject, so that I understand what it’s about and what’s important. We highlight the key points and distinguish the main issues from the details.

2. structure

Structuring the information.

After analyzing the information, I create a structure or form that best presents your story.

3. visualise

Bring the information to life.

I create a suitable image for your story or message One that fits with the company, the subject, and the target audience. This image doesn’t have to be static; it can also be a small animation or an interactive document. For this purpose, I make use of both traditional materials (such as pen, paint, and ink) and digital tools.

In this way, content, form, and image come together. So, it’s not just about a beautiful image. A beautiful image holds little value if the content and structure aren’t clear. Just like a beautiful house is worth little if the foundation isn’t sturdy enough and the framework is missing.

Would you like to see your information as a clear visual?

Who am I?

I am Annemiek Schellenbach (1991), an illustrator and information designer living in and working from Rotterdam.

+ analytical and creative

Both my analytical and creative side have an important role in my work. I like to create order in chaos and I enjoy making beautiful and creative things.

+ love for stories
I like to tell stories with images. Stories that are fun or important. Stories that ask for more than words and that become clarified, enriched and more attractive with the right image. This passion arose during my studies BA Media & Culture and MA Film & Television Science. There I learned about the power of images and the various ways in which messages can be conveyed and stories can be told.


+ experience in corporate business

My experience with and knowledge of business processes are valuable in my current collaborations with various clients, ranging from commercial companies to (semi) government and nonprofit organizations.

+ little facts
I love animals (dont eat them, dont have them, but I often look after them), like to go to the movies alone and dream of a house on the beach.
Annemiek Schellenbach

Why I do what I do

Comprehensible and accessible information contributes to a better understanding of the world around us. Moreover, it can enhance communication and decisionmaking and encourage people to take action.

Additionally, I like clear and visually appealing communication. It allows me to learn, be amazed and marvel. And I wish that for everyone. Information should be accessible to all, so that everyone can learn, be amazed, and marvel.

That’s why I greatly value the following three pillars*:

* in Dutch, these three words begin with an ‘m’ which refers to the M in ‘anneM’. 

+ simplify

By capturing the essence of specific information and communicating it in a clear and accessible manner, I aim to make life easier for other people.

+ more beautiful

I communicate information visually through compelling imags for organizations that are positively engaged with humans, animals, and climate.

+ create

I create these images either analogously using pencil, pen, or brush, or digitally on an iPad, computer, or drawing tablet.

How do you and me become we?

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